Surgeon Credentials

Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Henry A. Mentz III, MD, FACS, FICS
Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
The American Board of Plastic Surgery
The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
The American Board of Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery)

Dr. Henry Mentz is a nationally and internationally respected plastic surgeon who is consistently recognized as a top doctor in both local and national publications because of his excellence as a surgeon and the innovative procedures and techniques he has introduced to the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.

In a Goldline Research report published in Forbes magazine, Dr. Mentz was cited as a leading plastic surgeon in the United States. And his peers in the medical community have repeatedly nominated him in H Magazine as one of the select “Top Docs” to whom they would send family members and friends.

As the nation’s first triple-board certified surgeon, Dr. Mentz actively researches technology that allows him to provide patients with the best results for their appearance, safety, and comfort. Drawing upon his specialized training in facial plastic surgery, he continually applies and refines the most advanced facial rejuvenation techniques to restore a youthful and natural-looking appearance to the face. He forged new ground in the art of liposculpture as the first to perform the Abdominal Etching® and Pectoral Etching® procedures to give the abdominal and pectoral muscles a more defined, athletic appearance. And he has implemented strategies to provide both a more comfortable tummy tuck recovery and to improve safety in the operating room. His devotion to detail and quest for researching and applying the most advanced techniques have led him to become a surgeon who is not only respected nationally, but one who is beloved by his patients for his dedication to their care.

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Publications, Presentations and Book Chapters

Dr. Mentz has contributed more than 150 papers, chapters, and presentations at national and international plastic surgery meetings for plastic surgeons in the past 20 years. Highlights include:

Maximizing Facelift Results. Dr. Mentz developed this technique to maximize the lift of midface soft tissues, the jowl and cheek fat, and to restore a more youthful contour to the cheek and jawline. He is a teacher at national and international meetings on brow, face and neck lifts. Presented in Houston, Austin, Mexico City, Cancun, Monterrey, Colombia, and Vancouver and published in 2004. Authored textbook chapter on the facelift published in Operative Plastic Surgery , 2001.

Liquid Facelifts. Injectables including Botox®, Restylane®, Juvederm®, Radiesse® , fat and topical creams can be combined to create a rejuvenated look . Presented in Dallas, Puerto Vallarta, Saudi Arabia, India, Guatemala, Bangkok,Vera Cruz, Seville and Chile.

Fat Grafts and Stem Cells. Dr. Mentz has assisted or developed innovative procedures using fat grafts and stem cells, an exciting new area of plastic surgery that contains much potential. These include fibroblast injections for wrinkle reduction, fat grafts to increase roundness and fullness in the buttocks, fat grafting to erase bra strap shoulder grooves, fat and stem cell grafting to make improvements in the skin of scleroderma patients, and utilizing fat grafts to rejuvenate the face. His research has been presented nationwide in Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and internationally in Mazatlan, Guatamala, Buenos Aires, Lima, Valencia, Shanghai, Bangkok and Saudi Arabia. Related publications in 2004, 2006, and 2007.

Abdominal Etching. In 1993, Dr. Mentz developed this groundbreaking procedure, which uses liposuction to sculpt an athletic “six-pack” appearance in the abdomen. Presented in Houston, New York City, San Diego, New Orleans, Guatemala, Grand Cayman, Paris, Seville, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Puerto Vallarta and Saudi Arabia. Published in 1993.

Male Body Contouring. Dr. Mentz continues to refine male body contouring procedures through new liposculpting techniques. His presentations have been conducted in Houston, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Vera Cruz, and Valencia, Spain. Published article appeared in 2006 , text chapter published in 2007.
Pectoral Etching. Dr. Mentz invented this technique to define male pectoral muscles through the use of liposculpture. Presentations conducted in San Antonio, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, and Mazatlan. Published in 2007.

Smallest Scar Gynecomastia Removal. A new procedure developed for men to remove breast glandular tissue through the smallest incision. Presented in Houston, Mexico City, Mazatlan, Buenos Aires, Colombia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and China. Published in 2007.

New Liposuction Techniques. Through the development of new techniques and his ongoing research, Dr. Mentz continues to advance liposuction technology. His work has been presented in Houston, Boston, Orlando, Cancun, Buenos Aires, Paris, Vienna, Seville, Saudia Arabia, and India. Text chapter published in 2007.

Reduced Pain and Recovery for Tummy Tucks. Dr. Mentz was the first surgeon to study and publish research on a method to reduce pain and recovery for tummy tucks through the use of a local anesthetic device. His research was presented in Vienna, Chicago, Saudi Arabia, Vera Cruz, New Orleans, India, Guadalajara, Guatemala, Philadelphia, Austin, Houston, Colombia, and Canada. Published in 2004.

Safety in Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Mentz and his colleagues and staff at ACPS focus strongly on patient safety through the implementation of standards that increase safety in the operating room and recovery. He has taken an active role to develop safety strategies, and to provide oversight at the ACPS SurgiCentre and other facilities through his membership on Houston inspection teams. Presentation of safety strategies has been made in Houston, San Antonio, Mexico City, Colombia, Vancouver, Colombia and Bangkok. Had chapter published in 2002 and 2007, and articles in 2004 and 2006.

Breast Implants. Dr. Mentz gained invaluable insights and knowledge through the training he received from the breast implant inventors and from his participation on implant research teams. This expertise along with his continued research allows improve breast augmentation procedures. Studies presented in Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

Leading the Country. The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery has a dedicated focus on researching and applying methods to improve plastic surgery and the safety and comfort of its patients. Its innovative research, methods, and expertise have garnered it attention from plastic surgeons around the globe. ACPS surgeons have been invited to share the group’s principles and ideals on podiums in more than 12 countries.

My MediSpa

The My Medi Spa Group is a partnership between Dr. Mentz, his Aesthetic Trained Family Nurse Practitioner, Renee Arriaga, and several Houston facilities. As a convenience to patients, Dr. Mentz and Renee provide cosmetic injectable services in the spa setting of several Houston locations. This service has the benefit of providing the high expertise levels of a plastic surgeon and his family nurse practitioner in the soothing and pleasant surroundings of Dr. Mentz’s own medispa or that at one of his partner locations. Both Dr. Mentz and Renee are certified and trained to provide injectables including BOTOX®Cosmetic, Restylane®, Juvederm™, Radiesse®. Treatments are provided in the calm and soothing surroundings of either Dr.Mentz’s Added Touch medical spa or at one the partner locations. Both Dr. Mentz and Renee are certified and trained at the “Platinum” level for BOTOX®, Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse. Through the Mentz Foundation, a portion of every profit is contributed to support and care for children living in impoverished regions. Renee Arriaga is instrumental in this cause through her direction and support of several medical missions.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Mentz, call his office at 713.799.9999.